Forbes Graham

Forbes Graham

Photo by Lillian Graham

b. 1977 in Washington, DC

Forbes Graham is a trumpet player, electronic musician, and composer living and working in Boston, Massachusetts. He has worked with a diverse array of musicians and currently is a member of Para Quintet, Rock Flint Contemporary Ensemble, Wild May, Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra, Grizzler, Construction Party, Equal Time and Citizens Orchestra. He is the founder of the Rock Flint Artists Retreat, and has appeared at numerous festivals including High Zero, Full Force, and Vision.

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Thoughtstreams existed from 1999 to 2001. It started with Alex and myself. We recruited James to play bass. That was the lineup on the split with Dysrhythmia.

James went to college and was replaced with Franke. We did another recording that was never really "officially" released.

All the recorded Thoughtstreams material is gathered at the link below. It is entitled "Gnu Metal".


Alex Nagle - guitar, lead guitar, drum programming
Forbes Graham - trumpet, guitar, synthesizer, drum programming
James Shaver - bass
Franke Vogl - bass

Download Gnu Metal