A Brief Introduction To The Abeka Curriculum

The Abeka Curriculum is one of the most widely used and high quality curricula developed for learning. It is basically a Christian based homeschooling curriculum that incorporates all the teaching methodologies of a traditional classroom. Therefore, it is used by most parents who choose to home school their children. It was developed in 1954 but remains one of the favourites to this day. Over the time, the curriculum has been developed and refined to suit the changing learning needs of children.

The Abeka curriculum is made up of five main subjects: Mathematics, Science, History, English and the Bible. All the subjects are taught from a Christian perspective. The curriculum starts from the nursery grade and goes up to the twelfth grade.

The Abeka Curriculum has many advantages over similar reading materials of its type. The Abeka books are easy to use with a defined set of instruction, so it is perfect for parents who are new at homeschooling. It includes workbooks for children and teacher guides to be used by parents. There are also flash cards and different learning games that you can purchase which make learning more fun for your children.

It is a high quality curriculum so if you are using Abeka you can rest assured that your children are at par with other public or Christian based schools. Moreover, if you are a follower of the Christian faith and want to instil Christian values in your children, then these books would be perfect for you. Moreover, Abeka books have a good resale value and can easily be resold once you are done with the curriculum.

Despite its popularity, the Abeka curriculum does have its cons. Firstly; most of its curriculum sends a Christian message to the children so some parents might not deem it suitable for their home. Also, the Abeka curriculum is quite strict and follows a fast pace and some parents might feel that it puts too much burden on their children. If you feel that your child has a slower learning pace and needs more time to grasp concepts, then Abeka may not be a good choice. It is also more expensive than most homeschooling curricula.

Before you decide to go for the Abeka curriculum, it is important to see if it would be a good option for your child. If your child is a fast learner, loves reading and is quick to catch on to new concepts then you should definitely opt for the Abeka curriculum.

Abeka has its own website from where you can get complete information about the books and courses. If you need some particular information, you can contact the key persons who will guide you through the process.

You can also purchase books online through this website which will save you a lot of hassle. There are also many websites from where you can buy second hand Abeka books at cheaper rates, if you think that the new books are too expensive for you.